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Unit 2: “All Aboard” Course Outline

Our second Unit of this year is all about the modes of transportation that surround us and impact our everyday lives! 

Central Idea: Transportation impacts people and the environment

Life themes: Appreciation (鑑賞 ) and Production (創作)

Skills: Thinking skills: Understand, Research Skills: Collecting-Observing and Experimenting, Research Skills: Organizing-Recording and sorting

Spirit: Resilience and Confidence

Summary – テーマ概要

In this unit we will be looking at transportation and how they help people. (Connection 関連・影響)

With many modes of transportation in the water, air, and land, we will focus our attention on boats. (Form 特性・構造)

We will look at the functions of a boat, observing how boats float and move. Our goal is to create a boat that floats on water and moves forward. In order to create our boat, our learners will use their observational skill to try and understand how boats float and move. They will then try to recreate their findings to create a suitable boat. Finally they will experiment and put their boats in water to see if their boats will float and move forward. While some boats may sink or stall, we would like our learners to have resilience and gain confidence to keep experimenting and persevering until they succeed in creating a boat with the correct mechanisms to float and move. (Function 機能・役割)

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