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Tokyo Community School


At TCS we used the MARVEL Model in order to understand and find solutions to the core issues pertaining to students’ learning. The areas covered by this model are the very aspects that are learned at TCS.

MARVEL Model (MARV Education-Learning Model)


Act (The power to start something)

  • The reason for motivation is not important. Even if it does not last, it is good to try learning, try doing something. This includes re-trying something that one tried in the past but did not last.

Grit (The power to see something through)

  • One must tenaciously a passionately continue something one started, facing difficult challenges, picking things up again when one fails, and slowly but surely developing one’s conceptual understanding, skills, and intellectual capacity.

Acquisition and Real experiences

Inquiry Keys

  • Concepts that serve as keys to inquiring and understanding the unknown


  • Skills that can be applied in all facets of our ever-changing and increasingly complex world


  • Life Themes (Inquiry Areas) – Concepts necessary for us to live life abundantly and resiliently
  • Academics (Subject Areas) – Specialized knowledge and basic skills necessary to deepen our inquiry



  • The spirit that becomes the foundation of our lives as we continue to learn and create