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Life themes 2018

Being ourselves (Jishu-Jiritsu 自主自律)
How can we continue to be ourselves as we live?

Adapting ourselves to space and time (Jiku-Innnen 時空因縁)
How can we adapt ourselves to historical and environmental changes?

Expressing ourselves (Ishi-Hyogen 意思表現)
How can we understand each others’ thoughts and feelings?

Finding mechanisms around us (Bansho-Kyuri 万象究理)
What can we learn from the properties and laws of nature around us?

Organizing our community (Shakai-Kiyo 社会寄与)
What can we do to realize a rich community life?

Sharing our planet (Kyouzon-Kyosei 共存共生)
How can we overcome our struggles to achieve happiness?

TCS International Preschool Program of Inquiry 2018

共存共生 Sharing our planet
Green Thumb
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万象究理 Finding mechanisms around us
All Aboard!
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意思表現 Expressing ourselves
Life is But a Stage
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自主自律 Being ourselves
My Story
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時空因縁 Adapting ourselves to space and time
Do the Dishes
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社会寄与 Organizing our community
On a Role!
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