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1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School


NPO Tokyo Community School Volunteers

At TCS we are looking for volunteers who can agree with our vision and can utilize their knowledge, skills and experience to support our learning. Let’s work together to research, develop, practice, and share information about the education of a new era!

Positions available

  1. Teacher support (creating materials, supporting student learning, observation and recording)
  2. Data analysis (analyzing learning)
  3. Office (Office work related to the school and the NPO)
  4. Public relations (Running events, promotion)
  5. Fundraising (applying for grants, acquiring donations)
  6. “Experts” (those who can teach “The Expert” classes)

※ “The Expert” classes in the past have featured “Capoeira Expert”, “Fishing Expert”, “Scissors Expert”, “Sewing Expert”, “Shogi Expert”, Tea Expert”, “Dance Expert”, and “Photography Expert”.

※Please contact us for further information.


  1. People who share TCS’s educational philosophy, approach and values and want to contribute towards achieving them.
  2. People who continue to learn and work hard to improve themselves.
  3. People who can enjoy learning with children.

Time and Period of Contribution

To be decided based on discussion (we welcome those who can contribute continuously)

Application and contract

Please contact us and come for a visit. We would like you to see the school and spend some time to talk.

Contact: NPO Tokyo Community School Office