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Tokyo Community School

Life themes 2023

Being ourselves (Jishu-Jiritsu 自主自律)
How can we continue to be ourselves as we live?

Adapting ourselves to space and time (Jiku-Innnen 時空因縁)
How can we adapt ourselves to historical and environmental changes?

Expressing ourselves (Ishi-Hyogen 意思表現)
How can we understand each others’ thoughts and feelings?

Finding mechanisms around us (Bansho-Kyuri 万象究理)
What can we learn from the properties and laws of nature around us?

Organizing our community (Shakai-Kiyo 社会寄与)
What can we do to realize a rich community life?

Sharing our planet (Kyozon-Kyosei 共存共生)
How can we overcome our struggles to achieve happiness?

TCS International Preschool
Program of Inquiry 2023

万象究理 Finding mechanisms around us
Through the Looking Glass

意思表現 Expressing ourselves
Heart On a Sleeve

自主自律 Being ourselves
We Are Family

時空因縁 Adapting ourselves to space and time
Building Bridges

社会寄与 Organizing our community
From Farm to Table

共存共生 Sharing our planet
Water Me