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1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School

Observation day

At TCS we would like everyone to actually see the children and the school. We have set observation days for each month that are open to parents, educators, aspiring educators, students, and those from the public.

==Tokyo Community School Open Day==


  • Tuesday 10th May   Regular Classes
  • Friday 27th May   Presentation
  • Tuesday 5th July   Regular Classes
  • Friday 15th July  Presentation
  • Tuesday 6th September   Regular Classes
  • Tuesday 11th October   Regular Classes
  • Wednesday  12th October Presentation
  • Friday, Saturday 14th-15th October   TCS Festival
  • Tuesday 8th November   Regular Classes
  • Friday  18th November   English Presentation
  • Friday 2nd December  Presentation
  • Tuesday 13th December   Regular Classes
  • Saturday 17th December   Miracle Hyper Stage (School Concert)


  • Tuesday 17th January   Regular Classes
  • Friday 27th January Presentation
  • Tuesday 21st February   Regular Classes
  • Friday 17th March Presentation

※ There may be changes without notice.
※ The preschool is not open for observations.

●For Regular Classes

※ We recommend participating from the morning meeting until the end of the day (9:15-15:45).
※ There will be a short information session during the open day (10:40-11:25)
※ We may have to decline requests when there are too many participants.

●For Presentations

※ Observations are open during the morning (9:20-12:00). Details about the presentation will be given separately.

●Inquiries & Registration

Tokyo community school office (Ms. Mawaki, Ms. Wakabayashi)

When contacting through email, please let us know the following details:

  • Email subject: Request for open day participation
  1. Preferred date:
  2. Name of participant (all):
  3. Child’s current grade:
  4. Email address:
  5. Phone number (the most reachable number during the day):
  6. Visiting time:
  7. How you found out about TCS (friend, internet, newspaper, magazine etc.):
  8. Questions (if you have any):

※ If there is no response for 3 days after sending your inquiry through the inquiry form, please send it through again or call the school.