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Pajama Party

We recently had our very first Pajama Party. We were really excited but also a little  bit anxious, since we spent one night away from our parents.

Here at TCS we have 6 Spirits that helps us develop.Two of them are Ownership and Resilience,which are the spirits we were hoping for the preschool kids to obtain after this event.

Through Ownership we  learn how to be independent and responsible. When away from the parents, we had to cook our own food, set up the tents and arrange our sleeping space, change into pajamas, brush our teeth, etc. It might sound easy and ordinary  for adults but for preschool kids this can be a huge challenge.

Resilience is a spirit we need in order to not be afraid of new challenges like a night away from our family.

However, of course we had a blast cooking our own unique pizzas, sleeping in tents and watching movies together.




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