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Mt.Takao Hiking Day-2019

Two weeks ago, we experienced our first hiking day. We all met at Shinjuku station around 8 o`clock in the morning .We hopped on the train and headed to Takao. It took us about 45-50 min to get there.Once we got at the Takaosanguchi station, we stopped and did some stretching. Then, it was time to brace ourselves and go up the mountain.

Suddenly, we were surrounded by nature.We could hear the sound of the stream and the ototogisu, our lungs were filled with the fresh air they needed for so long. Everything around us was green.It was beautiful, but the first one hour and so of walking was pretty though for most of us. That is why, we had  lots of snacks/drink stops to help us cope with the heat and the difficulty of going up.

After a while, we started to get used to it and most of us could  keep a fast pace. So, we managed to get to the top without any incidents. Although a little bit tired, we were beyond happy that we reached our goal. We had lunch there, then we went down by cable car which was another fun and new experience for us.

Thank you Mt. Takao!!!

Mount Takao- Praying to Ojizo-sama.


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