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Tokyo Community School

Urara Mawaki


Urara Mawaki (U-chan)


School Office Staff


Majored in law at university. After graduation, she worked in a judicial scrivener’s office while studying, but the work was different from what she had imagined so she quit and got married. After that she wanted experience in a big company, so she joined a financial company. After giving birth, she worked as a office/accountant staff at a furniture maker. As she met Kazu she was interested in TCS, and eventually joined.


Values real experience. One can lead a fulfilling life by talking with many people and facing the different emotions within, and thinking deeply before acting.

Like/Good at

Cooking items that go well with alcohol, and drinking while eating; reading (Kenjiro Haitani, Michael Ende, Laura Ingalls Wilder – I have liked the same authors since primary school); kendo (10 years, came 3rd in a prefectural tornament), I want to keep training at the dojo and become a grandmother with a straight back; Soft-tennis (came second in a prefectural tournament), I would like to have a tennis-playing family.