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1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School

Ema Nagayasu


Ema Nagayasu (Ema-chan)


Primary School Teacher, NPO Office staff


During university days she was part of a circle that played with local children which interested her in education. While job-hunting she worked at TCS as an intern. It is now 10 years since and she has worked as an office staff, full-teacher before assuming her current role.


“Fantasia is birthed out of imagination, innovation, as well as the relationship between what one thinks and what one knows.”

With memory, experience, and a little bit of thinking, anyone can become creative.

Like/Good at

Yoga, art galleries (especially late 19th century art), rakugo, (especially the yose during summer holidays), reading Kiyoshi Shigematsu’s work in a native accent.