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1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School


NPO Tokyo Community School
A micro-school for kindergarten and primary school aged children that provides “inquiry based on real-life experiences” and “individualized learning through use of technology”. TCS promotes an education that nurtures Japanese children to live a life without answers and in a world without borders with resilience and confidence. We also spread awareness of the increased diversity of learning options and educational freedom, and hold information sessions and seminars for those in public education and other sectors.
1-62-10 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo-to 164-0001 [Access
【School Founded on】
August 30 2004
【Corporate Status】
July 10 2006 NPO Status
April 10 2015 Authorized NPO Status
Kazuyuki Kubo [Message
Yukari Horie[Message]
Tokyo Community School Primary School (Grade 1-6)
Tokyo Community School Preschool (3-5 years old)
【Number of Directors】
10 Directors
1 auditor
【Business Activities】
1. Management of school for children
2. Research and development of educational programs
3. Fellowship with other schools
4. Providing training for educators
5. Providing learning opportunities for adults
6. Promoting public awareness
7. Support for school management
8. Support for diversification of learning
9. Any other provisions necessary to achieve our aims
【Sister School】
Fitzroy Community School (Melbourne, Australia)
【Partner School】
Learn-net Global School (Kobe, Japan)
Tel: 03-5989-1869
Fax: 03-5989-1649
E-mail: school[at]
July 2004 School opening event “Dismantling a car with students from Wada Junior High School from Suginami Ward
August 30 2004 Opening of Tokyo Community School
November 2004 Hosted public debate “English education necessary for children living in a global era”
October 2004 Began exchange with Learn-net Global School
November 2005 Presentation of educational practice “Nurturing the Power to Continue Learning”
May 2006 Open lecture “Pioneering Tomorrow’s Education with Parents who Continue Learning” (Six lectures)
May 2005 Agricultural experience camping in Nagano (5 times)
July 2005 First Mt. Fuji climb
January 2006 Began exchange with Tomohisa Primary School
March 2006 First graduation ceremony
July 10 2006 Obtained NPO status
September 2006 First Sports Day
January 2007 Received JA President’s Award for the “Children’s Farm Net Activity Contest”
September 2007 Salmon tour at Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido
November 2007 Open lecture “From receiving education to creating education”
December 2007 First Miracle Hyper Stage (School concert)
October 2008 First TCS Festival (School Festival)
February 2009 Published book “Tankyu suru Chikara (The Power to Inquire)”
June 2009 First horse camp
February 2010 Open class “Tokyo Private School Organization Seikatsu Research  Team Training”
June 16 2010 Accepted as an Authorized NPO by the National Tax Administration Agency (for 5 years until June 2015)
November 2010 Workshop “Inquiring into Inquiry Learning” (9 times)
April 2010 Open dialogue “Learning Jiwajiwa (slowly)” (4 times)
July 2011 First summer camp at Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture
December 2012 Workshop “Inquiring into Inquiry Learning” held in Osaka for the first time
October 2013 Collaborated with Service Grant for “Pro bono sales document making project”
March 2014 TCS Students presented at “Next Generation Education Summit”
June 2014 Workshop “Inquiring into Inquiry Learning” (8 times)
August 2014 Campus moved from Higashi-Koenji to Nakano
December 2014 Nominated for the 3rd edition of “Excellent NPO Grand Award” for organization
April 2015 Obtained Authorized NPO status from Tokyo Metropolitan City
April 2015 Began internships for aspiring educators
February 2016 Joined “Board Match” (An event matching NPOs with prospective employees” for the first time
April 2016 Opening of TCS International Preschool
August 2016 Joined “Shinkoeki Renmei” (Japan Association of New Public)
September 2016 3rd Floor added to Nakano Campus
December 2016 International exchange program with primary schools in Nepal
October 2017 Focus group “Going beyond conscientious parenting” (“Himajime-kosodate”)
November 2017 Participation in “Edu-Core”, an education-focused expo
November 2019 Establishment of Schooling Choices Tokyo (JP: 東京都フリースクール等ネットワーク(TFN)) ; then-chairperson Kazuyuki Kubo as representative and founder.
December 2019 Second International Cultural Exchange Program with a primary school in Nepal
April 2020 Renewal of Certification as a Non-Profit Organization
September 2021 Yukari Horie becomes the chairperson
November 2021 Establishment of “TQ Boost”, a general incoporated foundation that supports the freedom of choice in schooling