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Unit 1: Green Thumb 〜Overview

Green Thumb

by TCS Int’l Preschool

【Life themes(探究領域)】Sharing our planet 共存共生
【Central Idea(セントラルアイディア)】We live alongside plants. 私たちは植物と共に生きている。

<Unit Overview – ユニット概要>

For this unit, we’re delving deeper into the world of plants with the Preschool kids! We’ll start by observing the plants around us and seeing them as living friends. We’ll encourage them to explore by looking closely and touching gently.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll have a mix of activities, indoors and outdoors. Our goal is for the kids to learn the names of different parts of plants and different kinds of flowers. We want them to see how amazing nature is and get creative by making their flower art, using collages and sketches. We’ll bring back fallen flowers and plants from our trips to make art together!

We’ll also learn what plants need to grow big and healthy. We’ll take care of a plant in our classroom and visit a greenhouse to see more plants. We’ll watch our classroom plant grow and hopefully bloom and bear fruit! We’ll also see how plants change as they dry up, by pressing flowers and letting them air dry. This will help the kids appreciate the beauty of flowers in a new way.


Finally, we’ll talk about how being kind to plants is like being kind to people. Just like plants need water and care, people and their friends need love and kindness too. We’ll explore the connections between being gentle with plants and being gentle with others. It’s all about learning and growing together!


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