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参加者募集します!プレ初等部 2023 Summer School (July 24th 〜July 28th)

TCS Int’l Preschool Summer School 2023
Concept: Ocean creatures can teach us how to enjoy and appreciate water

TCS Int’l Preschool will hold its annual Summer School, based on outdoor activities and arts & crafts. Let us help you make this summer extra-special for your little one!

【Dates】Monday, 24th July to Friday, 28th July 2023
【Age group】2-to-4-year olds
【Venue】Tokyo Community School, Nakano
【Fees】*all fees include tax
*5-day program: ¥33,000
*Partial participation: ¥8,800 per day
*Registration fee:  ¥5,500(for children participating in a TCS Int’l Preschool event for the first time)


【Summer School activities】

*Aim of the Program: To be inspired by ocean creatures and come to love the water: both playing with it, and in it!! 

*Exploring parks in the Nakano and Suginami area

*An outing to the aquarium 

*Story time 

*Arts + crafts

*Science experiments 

*Singing and dancing

*A week-long art project

【Please bring】Lunch, hat, set of change

*We will provide more details after registration

【To register】Please email us at with the following details.

2.Date of birth:
3.Current grade:
4.Email address of parent/guardian:
5.Phone number of parent/guardian:
6.Days participating:

【For details and enquiries】
*Please contact Ms Mawaki or Sohi. Registration is required to participate.

Phone number: 03-5989-1869

【Payment of fees】
Please confirm below for fees. Please transfer funds after registration. 

<Payment of participation fees>
【Relevant fees】 Registration fee and participation fee (all include tax)
*Registration fee: ¥5,500
… only for those participating in a TCS Int’l Preschool event for the first time

*Participation fee: ¥33,000 for five days; ¥33,000 for four days; ¥26,400 for three days; ¥17,600 for two days; ¥8,800 for one day

【Payment due】Friday, 14th July 2023
※Your registration will be finalised upon confirmation of payment via bank transfer. 

【Payment method】Please transfer funds to our bank account (details will be provided after application)
※ Please transfer funds under your child’s full name.
※ If you require a receipt, it will be provided in the form of a bank transfer receipt. 


【Regarding cancellation and corresponding fees】

If you require a cancellation, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible (to allow for other families on our waiting list to participate).

  • Please contact us regarding your cancellation at our email address. 
  • Cancellation fees: 

* for cancellations up to Friday, 14th July 2023: no cancellation fees apply.
*for cancellations up to Friday, 21st July 2023: cancellation fee will be half of participation fee (eg ¥4,400 per day)
*for cancellations up after Saturday, 22nd Ju1y 2023: cancellation fee will be all of participation fee 

※ Please let us know of cancellations via email (this is to ensure that your request is in writing, rather than a verbal request).
※ All requests sent after 4:00pm will be processed the next business day. 



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