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Unit 2: All Abroad 〜Overview

「All Abroad」

by TCS Int’l Preschool

【Life themes】万象究理 Finding mechanisms around us
【Central idea】Transportation impacts people and the environment

〜Unit Summary(テーマ概要)

In this unit, we will explore the topic of transportation and its role in society. (Connection) Our focus will be on the various modes of transportation like water, air, and land. (Form) Emphasizing the different functions of transportation, we will closely examine their mechanisms of movement. The aim is to foster an awareness among learners regarding the impacts of transportation on both human lives and the natural environment. To understand this concept, learners will engage their observational skill, to understand the significance of transportation systems. Afterward, they will try out their ideas by making their own transportation. They will keep trying different designs until they find one that moves forward when tested. Even if their creations don’t work perfectly at first, we want kids to keep trying and not give up. By trying different things over and over, they’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, getting better each time until they figure out how to make a transportation that works well. (Function) It is our aspiration that learners cultivate resilience and confidence in persisting through challenges.



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