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AY2022 Unit 2: “NEWS” – Week 2


We started the week off by learning about different road signs.  While Japanese road signs aren’t as distinguishable as their American counterparts, it’s still good to know.

First, we dove into their previous knowledge about road signs.  As expected, most of our learners knew the “do not enter” sign.  They were also able to point out some signs they see all the time, but they didn’t know what the meaning of the sign meant.

We learned about a few common road signs that we needed to know as pedestrians, as well as learn about traffic lights and crosswalks.  We also practiced how to cross the street properly; hands up and eyes front.


For art, we decided to practice our sketching skills.  We sketched out a few of our favorite road signs.


Our learners practiced their Gross Motor Skills on the Tarzan zipline.  Some learners were able to jump on the rope by themselves.  A huge improvement from last year!  While others still needed help getting on the rope.  Our newest learners were scared to go by themselves, but with the help of the teachers, were able to overcome their fear and try the zipline.  Some even came back a few times to try again and again.

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