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AY2022 Unit 1: “Be Sense-able” – Week 6

Unit of Inquiry

As our learners prepared for their presentation, we decided to go on a senses walk to test our various senses. Using our eyes for looking, ears for listening, nose for smelling, and hands for touching, we went on many walks throughout our neighbor hood.

Eyes – Looking:

We looked at our environment using different colors to wee what happens.  The pink flowers turn purple when looking through a purple lens.


Nose – Smelling:

We used our noses to smell different, flowers and objects.  These leaves above smell like toothpaste.


Hands – Touching:

We used hands to feel different objects.  These leaves were sharp and ouchie.


Ears – Listening:

We used our ears to hear things in our surroundings.  The siren was loud that we could hear the ambulance before we could see it.



During circle time we sang the song Pizza Arizza and learned the dance.

After that we took out the parachute and made a giant pizza using various objects in the classroom that resembled each ingredient in the song.


Pizza Arizza by Dance Kiddo:



Outing Day









This week we visited the Institute for Nature Study to test our senses.  Since it was raining, we donned our rainwear and headed out.  We looked for various plants and animals that were spotted there during the season.  The rain made it difficult to see far, but our learners were able to spot quite a few bugs and animals enjoying the rain.

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