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Unit 1: “Green Thumb” – Week 2

Flower Collage

Week 2 was an interesting week.  We were unfortunately only able to have one day of Week 2 due to the global situation.  As a precaution we had to take a two week hiatus.  During our one day together we learned a few vocabulary words like “root,” “leaf,” “steam,” “petal” and “flower.”  We also played at the park and made a flower collage.

 Circle Time

During Circle Time we learned new vocabulary words and played a puzzle game.  We had to put the roots, steam, leaf, petal, and flower in the correct place to make a nice flower.


For Art Class we looked at the flowers we collected and pressed from our Outing Day from the previous week.  After collecting and sorting all our natural materials, we all started to think carefully and thoughtfully about how we wanted to arrange our chosen materials to create unique, individual collages.  After that we taped up our artwork.  Some students had difficulty pulling the flowers off the paper nicely, but most were able to peel it off with ease.  We kept reminding our friends to “Be careful.  Don’t pull too fast or (it’ll be) broken!”

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