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Unit 1: “Green Thumb” – Week 1 Spotlight: Heiwa no Mori Park

New Semester, New Friends, New Teachers, and New Adventures!!



Since this was the first week of school we spent the week getting to know each other.  We had two new teachers in the classroom as well as many new friends.  When we weren’t doing art, cooking, or PE, we spent majority of the week bonding at the park.  For our weekly outing day we went to Heiwa no Mori Park.



Heiwa no Mori Park was a long walk from the preschool, but we managed to get there and back with no problems.  When we first got to the park we spent some time admiring our environment and searching for fallen leaves and flowers that we could use in class.  We followed the cardinal rule of Green Thumb, “no picking”! None of us want to hurt our happy and healthy plant friends, and we even made sure to be careful where we walked!  When we saw some flowers that were stepped on a few of them said, “Oh no!  Someone stepped on the flowers.  Don’t step on the flowers!”



During our adventure at Heiwa no Mori Park we found many plants, bugs, and many more things.  There are a few of our student finds.



Can you spot the Butterfly?


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