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AY2022 Unit 1: “Be Sense-able” – Week 5

Unit of Inquiry


This week, we sensed our surroundings with our hands and feet – all about our sense of touch!

We used our hands to touch and feel various classroom objects.  We then learned”hard” and “soft” by putting our hands into the mystery bag and tried to find the hidden objects inside.

We also learned about “smooth” and “rough” by comparing rocks that had different textures.

We also learned about “sharp” and “dull” using color pencils and scissors.  We then used our hands to try and make a sharp triangle tip with clay.








Sports Day was nearing, so we practiced our running, jumping, and shoe tossing for the big day.

Outing Day

For Outing Day this week, we went to Naka-Meguro Park!  We enjoyed the sounds of the river as we walked to the park.

After arriving at the park, we made our way to the reflexology path barefoot – it was ouchy for many of us!  We were not used to walking barefoot, so the dirt, sand, concrete and smooth rocks felt odd.  Some of us said “ouch!” as we walked on the path, while others thought it “feels rough.”

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