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Mori Art Museum trip

Recently, we went for the first time to an art museum. We traveled from Higashi-Nakano to Roppongi by subway. It was a pretty long trip but I would say, it was worth it.

The exhibitions were really interesting. We visited Shiota Chiharu:The Soul Trembles and it was fantastic. There were some strange and scary art pieces too, but some of the rooms were mind blowing. Especially, the rooms filled with red strings and black strings or there was this room that had multiple suitcases hanging from the ceiling.

“Look please, a boat“, “These boats can`t float on water “, “Look please a bathroom“  the kids immediately started talking about what they saw.

Definitely, not something you see can everyday. Therefore, I believe it was a good experience. Through it, the kids can also acquire the spirit of Playfulness,which has included in it important traits  like curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm.

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