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1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School


Tokyo Community School


【Places available】
Starting mid-year (academic year 2019) : 6 places (as of May 2019)
Starting April 2020 : 8 places (subject to change)
【Admission Criteria】
  • There are no major conflicts between the values of the School and the values of the child’s guardians, and the latter party agree to the points outlined in the Green Sheet.
  • The child is positive about learning at TCS.
  • The child is able to communicate with other children and staff at TCS.
【Entrance examination schedule】
Please submit application forms by 4:00pm sharp on the dates corresponding to the examination that your child is sitting.
<For April 2020 commencement>
Entrance examination 1 : Monday, 28th October (application due Wednesday, 23rd October)
Entrance examination 2 : Monday, 11th November (application due Wednesday, 6th November)
【Application process】
  • Required documents :Application form (please contact the school for details)
  • Entrance  examination fee:5,300yen  (excluding tax)

*Please process payment by bank transfer by the specified entrance examination date.


※All fees, except the NPO membership fee and donations, incur 10% tax from October 2019.
※Fees may change without notice.
※Donations to TCS, Certified Non-Profit Organizations (Japanese: 認定NPO法人), are eligible for exemptions when processing annual income tax. We provide receipts for this purpose. Please refer to your local Tax Office for further details.
※Fees are not refundable.

Registration fee
100,000yen  (payable at the time of enrollment)
Buildings and Grounds
50,000yen  (payable at the time of enrollment)
【School fees】
390,000 yen per semester   (780,000 yen per annum) (payable before the commencement of the semester)
※There is a discount for siblings: 331,500 yen per semester  (663,000 yen per annum)
Teaching materials
39,000 yen per semester  (78,000 yen per annum)
200,000 yen per donation per annum
※We ask for at least one donation per annum. Families are asked to put forward one donation per child up to the second child registered. Donations from there on in are appreciated.
Other Expenses
<Educational materials>
<School trips, excursions, incursions>
 ※Travel expenses and entrance fees to facilities during school trips and excursions will be invoiced to parents. Travel and accommodation cost for staff will be divided amongst the families of each participating child (per head), even in cases of absence.
【NPO membership】
Regular Member Registration fee 20,000 yen, membership fee 10,000 yen per annum
※At least one guardian of per enrolled child is asked to register as an NPO member (regular member).


Please contact the administrative office for inquiries.