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Message from Principal

A Message from the Principal

In our civilisation, compulsory education, and particularly primary school education, dominates the timetable of childhood. Most of the child’s day and most of her year is taken up with schooling. If you include kindergarten and preschool, this process starts even earlier. And then, after some time spent in education, many of us go on to live for decades without ever stepping into an educational institution again. School becomes, therefore, a place where children learn the value of “lifelong learning”, which they will hopefully carry throughout their lives, years after their time in school. And this is where children spend a majority of their lives, away from their primary home.

Whatever children need during this time away from home is what Tokyo Community School aims to provide. For most children schools today, by default, replace the village community and extended family.

Officially, a school exists to teach children the necessary skills to be employable, such as reading, writing and arithmetic. This is what is commonly understood as the curriculum. But the official curriculum is only the tip of the learning iceberg. Because of the molding power of this second home, the child will inevitably acquire other learning too – attitudes, behaviours, and a particular view of the world.

This deeper conditioning is brought about by the daily lifestyle of school and the interpersonal relationships of the people who occupy the school environment. With this in mind, we at Tokyo Community School formulated the TCS Framework of learning.

At the centre of this Framework is Spirit, and the most crucial aspect of Spirit is confidence. At Tokyo Community School we understand confidence as being about viability and trust. Firstly, by becoming independent and viable, children are able to learn more fully. By enjoying the process of learning, they are eager to engage in things that they don’t understand yet, or things they cannot do yet. Secondly, by trusting herself and those around her, we believe that the child will develop a strong sense of gratitude, and enjoy a life that is full of happiness and vitality.

Our wish to provide a place where children can develop their confidence became our intent to use the word “community” when naming our school. We strive to be that second home that allows children to learn and play in a warm, family-like environment.

In our Framework we also value academics – success in academics is a wonderful thing and we encourage that in the children. However at Tokyo Community School we firstly encourage the children to be viable individuals, and value their humanity. This is because the Spirit that they develop here at the School will provide the groundwork for their individual success, happiness and well-being.

I invite you to join us in creating the groundwork for the happiness and vitality of our children.

Sohi Lawrence


NPO Tokyo Community School