TCS International Preschool

Philosophy of Tokyo Community School


"Jiwa jiwa" is the sound for gradual progress. Combined with the kanji characters for "self", and "whole" helps describe our philosophy. We encourage every child's unique development of "self", but also nurture their connections with others and nature as a "whole". We believe individuals learn and grow best when they are also happy members of a co-operative group. We keep "jiwa jiwa" as our philosophy, because...

"the power to continue learning comes from a strong self, and a strong community."

Message from the Principal

Sohi Lawrence

A Melbourne University graduate, Sohi worked as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher and the Languages Co-ordinator in a government school in Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Japan in 2014. She loves to learn through teaching!

What kind of world do we want for our children? In what ways can we assist them to be able to interact and engage with that world in a productive, respectful and dignified way? At TCS International Preschool, we facilitate the learning of skills and practices that allow children to be active participants and contributors of their communities.

In a rapidly changing world resilience, patience, and flexibility are necessary qualities and valued assets.

We believe that these are cultivated through nurturing confidence in the individual. From confidence comes the desire to learn, to challenge oneself, and to respect oneself and others.

This belief informs our practice: we offer safe yet challenging environments in which children are free to explore, to make mistakes, to feel, experience and attempt to understand the world around them; and to share their experiences and interpretations with others.

What makes TCS International Preschool special?

  1. Inquiry-based learning

    Students learn about themselves, about others, about the English language, about the world around them through inquiry-based learning.

  2. Immersive language environment

    All lessons are taught in English to maximise children's opportunity to immerse themselves in the language, encouraging them to utilise and to be fully receptive of the English language.

  3. Homely learning environment

    Our small number of students means children learn in a homely environment, where they feel comfortable, safe and cared for as they acquire day-to-day language skills.


Tokyo Community School Building

Nestled near numerous parks and tree-lined streets, the TCS building is a spacious and cutting-edge learning facility.


The well-lit entrance highlights the TCS learning philosophy with the enlarged symbols of the "Receivers of Learning".

Open Zone

This is where students and families relax before and after school. When you have a visit please peruse our collection of English books.

Art Zone

This wide-open creative space is shared for arts & crafts, and serves as a lunch room as well. It's equipped with a movie projector too!


The school kitchen has two convection ranges, five faucets, and plenty of counter space for everyone to get involved!