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Tokyo Community School



1-62-10 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Tokyo Community School


【Positions available】
<April 2019>
G1 : Nine
G2 to G4 : Few People
<2018 school year>
G2 to G4 : One to four per grade
【Entrance examination】
<April 2019>
1st : Tuesday, 30th October
2nd : Tuesday, 20th November
3rd : Tuesday, 11th December
<2018 school year>
Please contact for the details.
【Admission Criteria】
  • There are no major conflicts between the school and parents’ ideas and there is agreement on the Green Sheet.
  • The child is positive about learning at TCS.
  • The child is able to communicate with the other children and staff at TCS.
【Application process】
  • Required documents :The application forms
  • Payment for the examination fee:5,300yen  (excluding tax)

*Please due by the specified entrance examination date.


※Fees may change without notice.
※All prices above are subject to tax, except for the NPO membership fee and donations.

【Examination fee】
【Registration fee】
200,000yen  (payable at the time of entering the School)
【Buildings and Grounds】
100,000yen  (payable at the time of entering the School)
【School fees】
390,000 yen per semester   (780,000 yen per annum)
※There is a discount for siblings: 331,500 yen per semester  (663,000 yen per annum)
※Fees are payable twice in the year, and are requested before the applicable semester.
※Fees are not refundable.
【Teaching materials】
1st to 4th graders : 39,000 yen per semester  (78,000 yen per annum)
5th to 6th graders : 54,000 yen per semester  (108,000 yen per annum)
※Fees are payable twice in the year, and are requested before the applicable semester.
※Fees includes the fee related to IT equipment, science experiment and Storypark.
200,000 yen per donation per annum  (tax-free)
※We ask for at least one donation per annum. Families are asked to put forward one donation per child up to the second child registered. Donations from there on in are appreciated.
※Donations to Non-Profit Organisations (Japanese: 認定NPO法人) are eligible for exemptions when processing annual income tax. We provide receipts for this purpose. Please refer to the Japanese Tax Office for further details.
【Other Expenses】
<Individual fees for educational material>
Textbooks and workbooks used during self-study will differ for each child depending on his or her pace and are therefore purchased individually. For subjects like Art and English, there may be incidental charges for materials used during class.
<School trips, excursions, incursions>
Travel expenses and entrance fees to facilities during school trips and exclusions will be charged to parents. Expense incurred for staff members’ including travel and overnight will be divided among the participants and charged accordingly.
【NPO membership】  (Tax-free)
Regular Member Registration fee 20,000 yen, membership fee 10,000 yen per annum
※At least one parents of the child is asked to become an NPO member (regular member).
※Please inquire details.


Office (Ms. Wakabayashi or Ms. Mawaki)